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About us

Who are we? We are ZenegDE- A Mailhoster | a web host | and maybe more soon :)...

One Goal

Our goal is to meet and adhere to your needs

Online 24/7

Thanks to our inexhaustible systems, the services are online non-stop with a few small exceptions - so that your project works perfectly

Instant delivery

Because of the very good work of our programmers, our ordering systems work almost completely independently - which means that your products are directly online at all times

Aaaannnddd... If something doesn't work as it should?

If u ever have problems with one of our services, dont wait to contact us via E-Mail (support@) or in our Livechat on the lower right corner.

We'll surely find a solution.


But what are we actually offering now?


Are you looking for a new email address? Then look at us. Besides the name we also offer KappagamesDE


Would you like to take your website online at low cost? Whether HTML or Wordpress, we do it all. Try it directly!

Yeah. But why ZenegDE

There are thousands of hosters - but why exactly ? It's our passion, which is why you'll never have to wait more than 12 hours for a response to support (submitted during the day) or for a bug/hotfix!

Very fast Support

Our support reacts in record time - just for you

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Hard working People


Get to know us!

Yekta Senay

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Wandererstraße 13 | 90431 Nürnberg

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